Super spreader after COVID vaccination?

Data from the UK and Israel show the COVID vaccines do not stop spread and, if anything, increase the spread of the SARS-COV2 virus.


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Germany "The virus apparently has a new strategy"

A completely strange case in Halle: super spreader after vaccination?

Epoch Times March 31, 2021

A completely new situation has existed in a hospital in Halle an der Saale since March 30th. "The virus apparently has a new strategy," explains the medical director of the Elisabeth Hospital, Dr. Liedtke. It circumnavigates all defensive measures that "we have had so far".

There is an unusual SARS-CoV-2 case in Halle / Saale: a man who had received both vaccinations appeared symptom-free in the Elisabeth Hospital and was negative in the rapid test. However, a PCR test for control revealed an “extremely high viral load”.

The medical director of the Elisabeth Hospital, Dr. Liedtke explains: “The virus apparently has a new strategy and bypasses all defense measures that we have had so far. This is a completely new situation. "

A spokesman for the hospital could not say anything on the evening of March 30, "whether it has already been determined which mutation it is", according to the "T-Online" portal .

What vaccine the man received is currently unknown to the Epoch Times.

The local web portal “Dubisthalle” wrote on March 29th that employees who have already been vaccinated against the corona virus are responsible for the most recent outbreaks.

"Two clinics have informed the disaster control staff separately that chains of infection in the hospitals can apparently be traced back to employees who have already been vaccinated and who have come to work symptom-free," said the city.

“The cases at least suggest that people who have been vaccinated can still be contagious. Therefore we ask all vaccinated persons to adhere to minimum distances and hygiene rules and to wear at least a medical mouth and nose cover where distances cannot be kept. "

Super spreader after vaccination? Borssche warned the WHO about this

Geert Vanden Bossche already warned the WHO about the super spreader problem . Bossche worked in the field of infection research and vaccine development for the pharmaceutical companies Novartis and GlaxoSmithKline as well as for the organization GAVI and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Vaccinating people against the corona virus in the middle of a pandemic will, in his view, make the virus more contagious.

This will also increase the resistance of the viruses to the vaccines. In addition, according to Bossche, the mass vaccination against the corona virus “will most likely further intensify the adaptive immune escape, since none of the current vaccines prevent the transmission of the viral variants.” An immune escape means that a mutated virus outwits the innate immunity of the body.

The corona vaccination then no longer helps against the mutated virus. And since more and more people are being vaccinated against Corona, those variants that are already in circulation would appear more and more and more and more infectious.

And so the “quite harmless virus becomes an uncontrollable monster”. Bossche explains:

Selective immune evasion also favors the further spread of highly infectious strains, as mass vaccination increasingly turns vaccine recipients into asymptomatic spreaders. The latter transmit highly infectious viruses to unprotected or not yet infected people. This is just the opposite of what the vaccines should do. "

Bossche emphasizes not to criticize the vaccine itself. The previously approved corona vaccines were developed by "simply brilliant" people.

However, prophylactic vaccines should never be used in populations that are already exposed to high levels of infection pressure. This is basic knowledge in vaccinology, which, according to Bossche, is taught in the first year of training. (ks)