Propaganda, Misinformation & Censorship re. COVID-19 Information

Israeli, UK, & Iceland Data Show COVID vaccines do Not Reduce COVID Cases, Hospitalizations or Deaths July 27, 2021. Yet, the media, without any evidentiary data, claim 99% of COVID hospitalizations and deaths are occurring in un-vaccinated.

Dr. McCullough Confirms The Media Is Hiding Dangers Of Getting Vaxxed. Jul 27, 2021. Dr. Peter McCullough joins Dr. Jane Ruby to discuss the dangers of getting the COVID-19 vaccine and how the mainstream media is behind a concerted effort to cover up those dangers from the public.

“2020 and 2021 have comprised a global propaganda spectacle of unprecedented scale and sophistication.” 30 min video. The Interviewee: Mark Crispin Miller is Professor of Media, Culture and Communication at New York University. His research interests include modern propaganda, history and tactics of advertising, American film, and media ownership. He is the author of Boxed In: The Culture of TV; Seeing Through MoviesMad Scientists: The Secret History of Modern PropagandaSpectacle: Operation Desert Storm and the Triumph of Illusion; and The Bush Dyslexicon.

Twitter suspended the prestigious C19 group of medical practitioners who are successfully treating COVID patients and avoiding most hospitalizations and virtually all COVID deaths for their patients. July 22, 2021.

Twitter suspended New Jersey State Senator Declan O'Scanlon for questioning vaccine passports and mandates. July 20, 2021. New Jersey State Senator Declan O'Scanlon was silenced on Twitter and was only reinstated when he agreed to delete his tweet.  The tweet, posted on June 25, read “Given that we have crushed Covid with combination of natural immunity and voluntary uptake there is no reason anyone should be compelled to take the vaccine. Restrictions/mandates/vaccine passports all uncalled for.”

Psaki: No options are "off the table" regarding regulating online speech. July 20, 2021. The White House raised the stakes on online censorship last week, announcing that it had been directing Facebook to censor posts and even suggested that social media users banned from one platform for “misinformation” should be banned from all platforms.  But The White House is not done yet.

YouTube reverses censorship of Chicago school board meeting about mask-wearing after backlash. July 20, 2021. YouTube took down a video of an official suburban Chicago school board meeting after saying that it was disseminating false information about COVID-19. However, the video's removal was only temporary as YouTube backtracked on the censorship after backlash.

The US Government Threatens Tech Companies To Push Censorship Agendas. July 19, 2021.  Silicon Valley tech companies who are being pushed to censor are acutely aware that those companies can be brought to their knees by antitrust cases and other regulation if they don’t censor people’s voices in accordance with the government’s wishes. ...After Press Secretary Jen Psaki admitted on Thursday that the administration has given Facebook a list of accounts to ban for spreading “misinformation” about the Covid vaccine, she has now doubled down saying that people who circulate such materials online should be banned from not just one but all social media platforms.

BIG MOVE AGAINST CIVIL LIBERTIES. UK mandates vaccine passports, despite its own vaccine minister calling them "discriminatory".  July 19, 2021 . Four days after UK Vaccine Minister Nadhim Zahawi insisted that vaccine passports would be "discriminatory" if they were "just vaccine," the UK government has announced that COVID-19 vaccine passports will be mandatory for nightclubs and "other venues where large crowds gather."

The White House Just ADMITTED To Colluding With Social Media To CENSOR Speech They Consider “Misinformation” July 15, 2021. 

Citizens for Free Speech (CFFS) Condemns White House Collusion with Big Tech July 16, 2021. Government Text Surveillance.  WH Spokesperson admitted to administration flagging Facebook posts opposing vaxx narrative...

Dr. Peter McCullough Interview - COVID Vaccine Agenda & The Rush To Suppress Alternative Treatments. July 9, 2021. Dr. Peter McCullough discusses the COVID-19 vaccine push and how this agenda has overshadowed, whether by ignorance or dishonesty, the viable and efficacious alternative treatments that many experts have been trying to call attention to since the beginning of the COVID crisis. Source Links:

YouTube censors New Jersey Senate hearing about kids' mask mandates July 14, 2021. As YouTube continues to censor a wide array of topics, not least those around the Covid pandemic, so it's independent competitors like Rumble continue to attract more creators.  The trend was unbroken last week when Google's video giant censored a video showing a New Jersey Senate hearing on the topic of forcing school children to wear masks, which concluded the policy may be harmful.

How Accurate is the Claim That Nearly All COVID Deaths are Among the Unvaccinated? July 13th 2021.  In their article, Johnson and Stobbe said the Associated Press analysis looked at CDC data and found "more than 18,000 COVID-19 deaths in May." They did not explain specifically how they come up with that figure. They simply said that the "AP analyzed figures provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention."3 ...The impression left by the article describing the analysis is that the AP published some sort of paper or study breaking down the number of COVID-19 deaths that occurred among fully vaccinated people versus unvaccinated people. But this doesn't appear to be the case. All the reporting about an AP analysis has been about a relatively short news article written by AP reporters Carla K. Johnson and Mike Stobbe and titled "Nearly all COVID deaths in U.S. are now among unvaccinated."3 ... If the CDC doesn't know how many fully vaccinated people have died of COVID-19, then what methodology did the AP analysis use to conclude that only about 150 people in the U.S. died of COVID-19 in May? And, by extension then, how can it be concluded from the AP analysis that 99.2 percent COVID-19 deaths in May were among unvaccinated people? What are the other "limitations in the data" supposedly cited by the CDC?   ...As the 99.2 percent figure gets recycled in newspaper and magazine articles and on television, many Americans may come to accept it as a scientific fact. They will assume it is based on accurate data provided by the government or a peer-reviewed study published in a medical journal, rather than an article by a news agency that reads more like an opinion piece than anything else.

Unvaccinated Children Are Healthier ... Widespread perversion of science ... Six years later, in 2004, the journal Pediatrics published a study which appeared to exonerate the MMR vaccine from any causal relationship with autism. Then, in 2014, Dr. William Thompson, Ph.D., one of the authors of the Pediatrics study, admitted in recorded conversations that the Pediatrics study was fraudulent. Thompson told Brian Hooker, Ph.D., a microbiologist and professor at Simpson University, that his team intentionally threw away data in order to obscure the connection between the MMR vaccine and autism. In other words, it’s very likely that Dr. Andrew Wakefield has been right all along. ...Science is for sale, especially when big money is involved. This study claims to show no connection between the MMR vaccine and autism, but the data the study was based on shows the opposite is true. ... When the original data was analyzed without bias, researchers found that children who got the MMR on time (at 12 to 18 months of age) were significantly more likely to become autistic compared to those who got the vaccine after 36 months. African-American boys were especially vulnerable.

July 14, 2021. Twitter experiences increase in global government demands for censorship and data on users. Governments want to silence users and collect private data.

Dr. David Martin releases Patent & other verifiable Evidence of a deliberate release of NOT-novel engineered SARS-COV-2. Dr David Martin | Dr Reiner Fuellmich - July 9, 2021 or here or here

A partial transcript of Dr. David Martin's interview and a link to Dr. Martin's The Fauci/COVID-19 Dossier. "This document is prepared for humanity by Dr. David E. Martin." July 10, 2021.

July 9, 2021 Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance is banned from LinkedIn. The doctors are accused of "misinformation". The Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care (FLCCC) Alliance non-profit has revealed on Twitter that their LinkedIn account was disabled for violating the Microsoft company’s “misinformation” policy. “Oops. Seems they mistook scientific truth for misinformation. That’s been happening a lot lately, wouldn’t you say?”

07/08/21. Watch 1-Hour Version of Censored Interview with Inventor of mRNA Vaccine Technology. Watch this 1-hour version of the original “Dark Horse Podcast” featuring an interview with Dr. Robert Malone, inventor of the mRNA vaccine technology. YouTube and other platforms censored the video.  Also posted and

  • There was no evaluation of reproductive toxicity or genotoxicity in animals before the mRNA vaccines were authorized for humans.  Then CDC recommended them for pregnant women, feeling humans could serve as the lab rats for this experiment; 
  • The vaccine was not injected into animals to see where it went.  Instead, studies, using only 2 of the 4 lipid nanoparticle components, and no mRNA at all, were presented to regulators.  The LNP particles went everywhere in the body, but were found in especially high concentrations in the animals' ovaries;
  • The mRNA component was not injected into animals in experiments.  Instead, data on other mRNA, designed for a completely different experimental vaccine (presumably from an experiment that preceded the pandemic) was supplied to regulators.

UK: Professor Devi Sridhar misleads again. July 6, 2021. Good Morning Britain (GMB) interviewed Professor Devi Sridhar, who in HART’s view, was once again allowed to give out highly misleading information regarding the safety of COVID-19 vaccines in children. Professor Sridhar overplayed the risks of the disease in healthy children, while underplaying the known short-term risks of the vaccine. ... also no mention of the fact that we don’t yet have any medium or long-term safety data.  Professor Sridhar holds no medical qualifications. ... someone who is neither a virologist, immunologist nor expert on the subject of vaccination is repeatedly given airtime to talk about vaccine safety.

July 5, 2021.  This article was censored/removed from Linkedin in less than 12 hours.  9 Reasons to Drop Support or Mandates for Investigational COVID-19 Vaccines By Dr. Peter McCullough.  Peter McCullough, MD, MPH, a professor of medicine at Texas A&M University College of Medicine. Note these paragraphs reference VAERS, CDC, and FDA and provide solid rationale on why support or mandates for the current COVID vaccines should be dropped. pdf version with links to all studies

July 5, 2021. Letter to FDA from Carol Taccetta, MD, FCAP RE: The repeated misuse and misinformation of “safe and effective” in the context of investigational COVID-19 “vaccines”

July 5, 2021 Big Tech, mainstream media, and public officials to gather for secret Sun Valley conference this week. The conference is organized by the underwriter of many major Big Tech IPOs. ...Big Tech executives help to shape the policies that dictate what gets censored on their platform, mainstream media outlets frequently use their influence to pressure these Big Tech companies, and public officials can push for laws and regulations that impact both the tech giants and online speech.

EXPOSED - The Persecution of Canadian Physicians by Organized Medicine During the Pandemic. Jul 4, 2021. Four physicians from across Canada, along with a legal representative for their separate cases, tell their stories of persecution at the hands of their governing bodies. Their only crime - practicing evidence-based medicine by questioning the safety of their patients and the public during the pandemic. These physicians, and others like them, are the living embodiment of the medical mantras of "do no harm" and "informed consent".

July 4, 2021. Congressman Ken Buck challenges Zuckerberg on COVID censorship and more “Facebook has had the embarrassing position of having to defend its censorship of legitimate content.”

Covid 1984 Chapter 1. July 2, 2021, and Covid 1984 Chapter 2. July 3, 2021. A dark tale of government deception, corruption, manipulation, media propaganda and censorship, scientific fraud and medical malpractice.  By Jack Dresser, Ph.D. Retired Psychologist & NIH-funded research scientist, National co-chair Veterans for Peace working group on Palestine and the Middle East.

Dr. Bret Weinstein: ‘Perverse Incentives’ in the Vaccine Rollout and the Censorship of Science. July 3, 2021. “We are exposing a huge fraction of the population to what is in effect a scientific experiment, except that it isn’t a scientific experiment because we are deliberately avoiding collecting data that would allow us to evaluate the impact,” says Dr. Bret Weinstein, an evolutionary biologist and co-host of the DarkHorse podcast. In this deep-dive with Dr. Weinstein, we discuss COVID-19 vaccine safety, the efficacy of repurposed drugs, the Wuhan lab leak theory, and this new age of censorship. What scientific data and information is currently being denied to the public?

July 2, 2021.  mRNA technology pioneer blasts Big Tech censorship.  July 2, 2021. mRNA technology pioneer blasts Big Tech censorship.  Dr. Malone's LinkedIn account was deleted.  ...Dr. Robert Malone, a pioneer of mRNA technology, is being censored by Big Tech platforms. According to Malone, the mRNA-based COVID-19 vaccines carry some risks that are being downplayed by public health bodies and his statements are coming up against misinformation policies on many social media platforms. ...Malone’s team conducted early research on mRNA back in 1990, showing that nanoparticles could transfect mRNA into cells before Hungarian biochemist Katalin Karikó worked on solving some of the obstacles in introducing mRNA into cells throughout the 90s.

As the Delta variant increases (shaded lavendar), Hospitalizations decrease (green line)
As the Delta variant increases (shaded lavendar),
Hospitalizations decrease (green line)

The Delta Lie. July 1, 2021  ... increasing number of patriots, doctors and scientists who are crunching the numbers through observation, logic, and good old common sense to PROVE using REAL science that nearly everything the mainstream media, the CDC, the WHO, and the NIH is telling us is, in fact, a lie.   ... just one recent example of the plethora of lies; that of the “dangerous DELTA variant.” Fauci, the media, and ... politicians are using this particular scare story to keep folks lining up for their injections and booster shots. ...According to Anthony Fauci, in a recent interview, the Delta variant is more contagious, deadlier, and is spreading around the world faster than the original COVID-19 virus. ... The only way to defeat this virus, according to Fauci, is to get vaccinated.

07/01/21. Joe Rogan’s ‘Emergency Podcast’ Questions YouTube’s Censorship of Content Showing Ivermectin as an Effective COVID Treatment.  Joe Rogan, on “The Joe Rogan Experience,” interviews two of the world’s leading experts — Bret Weinstein and Dr. Pierre Kory — on ivermectin. They discuss how YouTube censored the DarkHorse Podcast for highlighting the benefits of ivermectin to treat COVID.

Using Fear Tactics to Send America Backward into Masking and Vaccination. by Dr. Peter McCullough | Jul 1, 2021

July 1, 2021 Sen. Ron Johnson criticizes Big Tech for censoring accounts of negative vaccine experiences. Johnson said that even though they're rare, people should be able to hear about them.

July 1, 2021 Facebook bans propaganda expert Professor Nicholas O’Shaughnessy

How Real Science became Fake News.  June 29, 2021 by biologist Josh Mitteldorf

Deaths due to Delta Variant in Vaccinated versus Non-vaccinated
Deaths due to Delta Variant in
Vaccinated (sum of red) versus Non-vaccinated (yellow) People

"Panic Porn Dressed Up As Science" - Exposing The Truth About The Delta Variant. by Tyler Durden. Jun 30, 2021

06/24/21. Canadian University Fires Surgeon Who Voiced Safety Concerns About COVID Vaccines for Kids. Dr. Francis Christian, a practicing surgeon and clinical professor of general surgery at the University of Saskatchewan, was suspended effective September 2021 after he released a statement to 200 doctors expressing concerns about giving the COVID shots to children. By Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms Canada

Local CBS Reporter Fired After Sharing Network’s Pro-Vaccine Rhetoric via Project Veritas. June 23, 2021

USask suspends doctor calling for ‘informed consent’ for mRNA vaccines. June 23, 2021

Are UK's Vaccinated Dying More from the Delta Variant? The Chloroquine Wars Part XXXVI. Mathew Crawford. June 22, 2021.

WHO Stealth Edits Page Warning Against Vaccinating Children. Jun 22, 2021

June 21, 2021. The Lies Exposed by the Numbers - Key Takeaways in 34 Charts and Images. This is an abbreviated overview of some of the key takeaways from my recent investigative report, The Lies Exposed by the Numbers: Fear, Misdirection, and Institutional Deaths (An investigative report).

Interview Dr. Harvey Risch. June 16, 2021.  Professor Harvey Risch talks with author John Leake about how hydroxychloroquine -- a safe, effective, and inexpensive drug -- was fraudulently misrepresented and suppressed by public health agencies, academic journals, and the mainstream media. This propaganda campaign has resulted in the preventable deaths of hundreds of thousands of people, perhaps 500,000. FDA review panels were corrupted by a majority of pharmaceutical representatives, constructed by Dr. Anthony Fauci and Dr. Collins.  Dr. Fauci oversaw similar corruption during the AIDS epidemic, causing 17,000 deaths. Entire countries are being bullied by pharmaceutical drug companies today. Harvey A. Risch, MD, PhD is a  Professor of Epidemiology at 
Yale School of Public Health,
 Yale School of Medicine
, Yale Cancer Center and has a Publication record of more than 350 peer-reviewed research papers in top-rated scientific and medical journals, garnering 44,000 scientific paper citations and an academic h-index of 94.

85% of the #covid19 Deaths Could Have Been Avoided" - Peter A. McCullough M.D. Censored Testimony On COVID 19 And The Medical Communities Failure To Treat Victims

The Chloroquine Wars Part XVIIWhy the Story About India's April COVID-19 Spike is All Wrong. Apr 23

Virus expert Peter Daszak, whose letter caused Big Tech to censor lab leak theory, received Google funding.   June 22, 2021 Google funded research conducted by Peter Daszak, a controversial British scientist credited for the online silencing of the theory that COVID-19 virus leaked from a lab. Google claims the research it funded was not related to COVID-19.  It was a letter organized by Daszak that was used by Facebook as the basis of its censorship of the lab hypothesis.

America's Frontline Doctors [AFLD] scrambled for new host after WebFlow pulled support due to Amazon "misinformation" rule June 22, 2021. Amazon could have forced America’s Frontline Doctors (AFLDS) offline had the organization not acted quickly to look for an alternative. The Big Tech company seems to have taken issue with the organization for claiming COVID-19 vaccines may not be worth it in children. America’s Frontline Doctors had its website built with WebFlow, which is ultimately hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS). Amazon, like other Big Tech, deemed the organization’s content to be “misinformation” and issued a notice last month that it should be removed from AWS. [Note. AFLD provides safe, effective treatments for Covid-19 patients.]

Indie video creator Matt Orfalea is censored for highlighting YouTube's censorship. June 22, 2021. Matt Orfalea, an independent video creator, who often covers politics, was censored for covering YouTube’s censorship of ivermectin. YouTube punished him for private uploads of clips. YouTube has been censoring content suggesting ivermectin could be effective against COVID-19 for violating its policies on “medical misinformation.” In January, the platform removed videos of a senate committee hearing where evidence of the effectiveness of the drugs was being discussed. More recently, YouTube removed videos where Dr. Bret Weinstein and Sen. Ron Johnson discussed new evidence of ivermectin as an effective treatment for COVID.

Orfalea uploaded a video about the censorship, which is still available on YouTube. However, he was slapped with a one week suspension for uploading what he says was “unpublished rough cuts of the same video.”

video: Canada: MP Derek Sloan raises concerns about censorship of doctors and scientists – June 17, 2021. An interview of 3 doctors and scientists.

video (17 mins) Setty Report: Is The Spike Protein Toxic?  Jun 17, 2021. Dr. Madhava Setty discusses the misinformation provided by the Washington Post and discusses the risks of side effects from the Covid vaccine. Anaphylaxis as allergic response to Covid vaccines. mRNA causes our cells to create synthetic toxic spike proteins that cause blood clotting, neurological issues, damages vascular endothelial cells,... (causes similar symptoms to serious Covid cases). Biodistribution data of the lipid nanoparticles (LPNs) show wherever the LNPs go, the spike proteins are created. We know the cellular mechanism for how the spike protein causes harms. There is 60 times the number of deaths with Covid vaccines from flu vaccines reported to VAERS.

06/14/21  How a Respected Pediatrician Lost His Medical License — Because He Supported Informed Consent On Dec. 3, 2020, the Oregon Medical Board issued an “emergency order” to suspend the license of Dr. Paul Thomas, a pediatrician, who along with science writer Jennifer Margulis, Ph.D., co-authored “The Vaccine-Friendly Plan.”

June 12, 2021, Facebook partners with WHO and more in a bid to end “vaccine hesitancy”. The alliance aims to alter "health behavior via online platforms.” More censorship incoming? .. The coalition, called the Alliance for Advancing Health Online, was announced via a blog post on Facebook’s Newsroom. The purpose of the alliance is “to advance public understanding of how social media and behavioral sciences can be leveraged to improve the health of communities around the world.” .. Facebook’s partners in the initiative include, the WHO, the CDC Foundation, the Bay Area Global Health Alliance, the MIT Initiative on the Digital Economy, Merck, Sabin Vaccine Institute, the Vaccine Confidence Project at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, and the World Bank. .. Facebook and pharmaceuticals giant Merck have each committed $20 million to the “multiyear initiative.”

June 11, 2021. Censored in the Corporate Media Hundreds of Medical Professionals Speak Out on Medscape Forum Warning about Dangers of COVID Injections  ... The website Medscape put up a forum in February of this year for medical professionals to discuss their expectations and concerns about the new COVID-19 injections. ...  In the first month or so of the comments that started in February, I would guess the negative comments were about twice as many as the positive ones, with most of the positive comments being medical professionals just restating the CDC and FDA talking points that were in the corporate media. ... However, as time went on, with many of these medical professionals suffering from the injections, the ratio becomes more like 10 to 1 negative against positive. ... These medical professionals have all the same concerns and questions as do the general public, many expressing exasperation over not being able to find anyone to help or treat their disabilities after receiving the injections.

June 11, 2021. How “Fact-Checkers” Are Ignoring A ‘Specific & Significant’ Risk Of Antibody-Dependent Enhancement.

June 11, 2021. Hydroxychloroquine supporters who were censored online feel vindicated by new study. Were people banned for telling the truth? New Jersey’s Saint Barnabas Medical Center published the observational study that included 255 patients in medRxiv, stating that Hydroxychloroquine, Azithromycin, and zinc can increase the survival rate by close to 200 percent.

Although hydroxychloroquine is a safe and, combined with vitamin D and zinc, possibly the most effective treatment for COVID-19:

Blackburn Leads Colleagues in Press Conference on Big Tech Censorship of COVID-19 Origins  June 10, 2021. Senator Marshall, “If the United States is in any way accountable, if we helped fund laboratories that led to the development of this virus, than we need to be held accountable as well.”   Senator Johnson, “Why did our health agencies, why did Anthony Fauci, why did our mainstream media suppress and censor doctors who had the courage and compassion to treat patients early with cheap generic repurposed drugs? Why did that happen? … We’ve seen studies where 50 - 80% of lives could’ve been saved it prevents that much death. Apply that percentage to the 600,000 Americans who’ve lost their lives, which is why I believe the news media will never admit their complicity, and why they will never admit they were wrong.”

After Fauci Email Proves Link with Zuckerberg, House Republicans Hit Facebook with One Demand That Could Change Everything. June 10, 2021

EXCLUSIVE: Chiropractor targeted by FTC for selling vitamin D, zinc to fight the coronavirus speaks out. ‘I'm not just standing up for myself, I'm standing up for my patients, I'm standing up for other doctors who have been oppressed and suppressed,’ Chiropractor Dr. Eric Nepute told LifeSiteNews. ‘I just cannot let my children grow up in a world where medical tyranny rules.’ Jun 9, 2021

June 9, 2021. Ted Cruz: Facebook is censoring “on behalf of the government” and is liable to be sued. Cruz sees a First Amendment angle.

UK NHS Doctor Samuel White Resigns & Speaks Out About The LIES about Treatments, COVID "vaccines", and the Useless Masks,.... June 6, 2021.

Shocking Case of Academic Censorship. Analysis by Dr. Joseph Mercola Fact Checked. June 06, 2021.  Propaganda is an organized attempt to get large numbers of people to think or do something — or not think or do something. It’s not like classical rhetoric, which is about persuasion through argument, but rather a means of sub-rational manipulation. For the past two decades, professor Mark Crispin Miller has taught a course on propaganda at New York University, in the Steinhardt School of Culture, Education and Human Development

Fact-Checking Facebook’s Fact Checkers The media giant is employing left-wing vetters to limit scientific debate. March 5, 2021

Facebook’s fact checking is outsourced to a third party.

Side effect of COVID vaccine includes being kicked off social media if you mention your side effects
Side effect of COVID vaccine may include being kicked off social media if you post about your side effects

June 3, 2021. YouTube censors Brett Weinstein ivermectin clip  YouTube gave the evolutionary biologist and podcaster a warning. Big Tech's social media platforms, as well as a plethora of corporate media, must still be nursing what is highly likely to feel like some very unpleasant "fresh and raw" egg on their face - after they were "forced" to take an abrupt U-turn in the wake of months of draconian censoring of any mention, and even the very possibility that coronavirus might have been human-engineered - instead of occurring naturally, randomly among China's wildlife - as the previously approved narrative went. But after “the Wuhan lab theory” suddenly gained legit “citizenship status” in the media – it became clear that when the government says “JUMP” – this particular class of social and legacy media will only ever have this one “journalistic” question: “How high?”  It warrants keeping this big, overall picture in mind when considering how other Covid-related censorship topics are now being treated on the internet – and how quickly and seemingly inexplicably the tide may or may not turn on those as well. ...YouTube has deleted a video ... "Why is Ivermectin not being used in other countries?

June 2, 2021. Twitter sued, accused of being “deputized” to carry out censorship on behalf of Biden administration. Accused of protecting the government from criticism.

Canadian Doctor Removed from Hospital Duty after Speaking Out About COVID Vaccine Side Effects June 01, 2021. A Canadian family doctor says he has been punished by his local health authority because he raised concerns about side effects he observed in some of those who had received the Moderna COVID-19 jab within his community.

Big Tech industry groups sue to stop Florida's anti-censorship law May 29, 2021. Two tech industry groups, NetChoice and the Computer & Communications Industry Association (CCIA), have filed the first legal challenge to Florida's anti-censorship bill SB 7072, arguing that it violates the free speech rights of their members which include the Big Tech giants Amazon, eBay, Facebook, Google, PayPal, Pinterest, TikTok, Twitter, and Yahoo.

Media outlets try to deflect from lab leak theory and censorship May 29, 2021. Mainstream media, now embarrassingly forced to follow President Biden's policy and abruptly reverse course on the Wuhan lab leak theory - after branding and ridiculing it as a conspiracy theory for months - are working to downplay the importance of censorship around the topic that was enforced until just a few days ago.

Facebook whistleblower fired after exposing company’s plan to police ‘vaccine hesitancy’ posts” – Facebook insider Morgan Kahmann has been sacked after he revealed documents related to the social media platform’s crackdown on vaccine sceptical posts, the Post Millennial reports. May 28, 2021.

May 27, 2021 YouTube censors President Bolsonaro and CNN Brazil over videos about hydroxychloroquine. Even the President and mainstream media are being impacted by Big Tech's COVID censorship rules.

Private search engines. Use a search engine that's not controlled by the tech giants.  In addition to the privacy concerns, Google heavily editorializes its search results by shadowbanning and suppressing some stories, letting one perspective dominate the search results for some topics, and “fact-checking” its search results. It has also been accused of boosting certain outlets in its search results, maintaining search blacklists, and censoring some of its autosuggest results.

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic natural scientists, economists, politicians & medical personnel are being censored by social media and US mainstream press and even by universities and by pharma-controlled medical boards, when they disagree with the pharmaceutical profit narrative.  How did the US press, CDC/NIH/FDA and social media become unduly influenced by their pharmaceutical industry funding? Even some in Congress and the Biden administration seem to be pressuring social media to censor medical information they disagree with; and the media is heavily funded by pharmaceutical industry interests.

Video: Save The Children! Fighting for the Right to Breath Fresh Air- The Unmasking of America. May 26 2021. Retaliation for speaking up for the right to breathe fresh air.

05/25/21  Bombshell Video, Leaked Documents Detail How Facebook Censors Vaccine Facts When They Don’t Fit CDC, Big Pharma Narrative.   New internal docs leaked to Project Veritas show how Facebook is secretly censoring COVID vaccine information that goes against its ideology, even if the facts are true. ... Facebook insiders and leaked internal documents allege the company coordinates with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to censor vaccine content, including reports submitted to the CDC’s Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS).  ...Under Facebook’s Borderline Vaccine Framework, content pointing to VAERS data is censored because it suggests “extreme risk without providing context.”

COVID19 – the end of scientific discussion? by Dr. Malcolm Kendrick, Scottish doctor, author, speaker, skeptic. 24 May 2021.

... We were told that COVID19 was spread by touching contaminated surfaces… Really? We were told it spread though droplets, not aerosols. Which is the most complete garbage. We were told that everyone has to wear a mask. We were told it could easily be passed on by asymptomatic people. Based on nothing at all. I could go on.

Yet, no-one seems remotely bothered by any of this utter nonsense. The public seem to lap it up, and attack anyone who questions the current narrative. I feel that I am clinging onto a dying religion. The religion of Francis Bacon and the enlightenment.

Baconian method, methodical observation of facts as a means of studying and interpreting natural phenomena. This essentially empirical method was formulated early in the 17th century by Francis Bacon, an English philosopher, as a scientific substitute for the prevailing systems of thought, which, to his mind, relied all too often on fanciful guessing and the mere citing of authorities to establish truths of science. ...

NVIC Suspended from Twitter 5/24/2021   The 11 year-old Twitter account of the 39-year old educational charity, the National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC), was suspended without warning on Sunday afternoon, May 23, 2021. NVIC's Twitter handle was @NVICLoeDown and the account had about 21,000 followers at the time it was suspended. In March, NVIC's account with Facebook was terminated and, in April, NVIC's Instagram account was terminated without explanation, together affecting over 300,000 followers. ...Fisher urges everyone to leave social media platforms that engage in censorship and use platforms that do not censor. Follow NVIC on MeWe, Parler, Telegram, Gab, Brand New Tube and Bitchute.

India orders social platforms to censor references to “Indian variant”. India is increasingly making demands of social media platforms. May 23, 2021

What's The Actual Situation in India? May 22, 2021.

Doctor’s message about low pediatric deaths from COVID blocked by Facebook. May 22, 2021. Dr. Tracy Høeg, a sports, spine, and regenerative medicine doctor, had posted factual information from the CDC and American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), and even included a graph.

Message To Doctors By Ontario College of Physicians & Surgeons Shows Desperation to Silence Them. May 22, 2021

Time is Running Out - We Must Act Now! (Dr Vernon Coleman) May 21, 2021. Dr Vernon Coleman explains how this war has been planned for years. He details the many ways in which a corrupt and deceitful enemy has deliberately suppressed the truth and demonised truth-tellers [such as himself] to destroy their credibility. He also explains what must be done if we are to win this war.

May 21, 2021 YouTube censors public meeting of Shawnee Mission School District parents for “misinformation”

May 21, 2021 Facebook’s fact-checkers accused of censorship over mask-wearing in kids. The Manhattan Institute says their "fact-checking" is actually "fact-blocking."

Dr. Peter McCullough Interview 5/19/2021. Dr. Peter McCullough has been the world's most prominent and vocal advocate for early outpatient treatment of SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) Infection in order to prevent hospitalization and death. On May 19, 2021, I interviewed him about his efforts as a treating physician and researcher. From his unique vantage point, he has observed and documented a PROFOUNDLY DISTURBING POLICY RESPONSE to the pandemic -- a policy response that may prove to be the greatest malpractice and malfeasance in the history of medicine and public health.  ...Dr. McCullough is an internist, cardiologist, epidemiologist, and Professor of Medicine at Texas A & M College of Medicine, Dallas, TX USA. Since the outset of the pandemic, Dr. McCullough has been a leader in the medical response to the COVID-19 disaster and has published “Pathophysiological Basis and Rationale for Early Outpatient Treatment of SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) Infection” the first synthesis of sequenced multidrug treatment of ambulatory patients infected with SARS-CoV-2 in the American Journal of Medicine and subsequently updated in Reviews in Cardiovascular Medicine. He has 40 peer-reviewed publications on the infection and has commented extensively on the medical response to the COVID-19 crisis in TheHill and on FOX NEWS Channel. On November 19, 2020, Dr. McCullough testified in the US Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs and throughout 2021 in the Texas Senate Committee on Health and Human Services, Colorado General Assembly, and New Hampshire Senate concerning many aspects of the pandemic response. Peter A. McCullough, MD, MPH, FACP, FACC, FAHA, FCRSA, FCCP, FNKF, FNLA.   Professor of Medicine, Texas A & M College of Medicine.  Board Certified Internist and Cardiologist.  President Cardiorenal Society of America.  Editor-in-Chief, Reviews in Cardiovascular Medicine.  Editor-in-Chief, Cardiorenal Medicine.  Senior Associate Editor, American Journal of Cardiology.  For more information about Dr. McCullough, please visit:

This Article Is “Partly False"  Supposedly engaged in a struggle against misinformation, Facebook and its fact-checking partner spread their own. May 17, 2021

THE SEQUEL TO THE FALL OF THE CABAL - PART 13 May 20, 2021.  Follow the money to know why we are see and hear only the pharma vaccine-profiteering narrative from media and public health sources. Why Bill Gates must be stopped.

ICAN “FACT CHECKS” COVID-19 VACCINE CLAIMS BY 12 ATTORNEYS GENERAL. May 14, 2021. Given its intent to promote the COVID-19 vaccines, ICAN pointed out that the AGs letter should include a disclaimer required by federal law and the EUAs for these vaccines, which provide: All descriptive printed matter, advertising, and promotional material relating to the use of the [] COVID‑19 Vaccine clearly and conspicuously shall state that: This product has not been approved or licensed by FDA, but has been authorized for emergency use by FDA, under an EUA

New York Times Fact Checks “Deceiving” CDC on Masks and Outdoor Transmission 13 May 2021

May 13, 2021  Facebook deletes Ohio group that supports legal exemptions to COVID vaccine mandates. The group had 40,000 members.

May 11, 2021  YouTube confirms collaboration with the EU on censorship

Demand Craters As Propaganda To ‘Create Vaccine Demand’ Spikes. May 11, 2021

CDC to Spend $3 Billion to Convince Americans to Get COVID-19 Vaccine. May 10, 2021. [Will this make the CDC liable for COVID vaccine injuries and deaths?]

DECLARATION OF CANADIAN PHYSICIANS FOR SCIENCE AND TRUTH.  May, 2021. "On April 30, 2021, Ontario’s physician licensing body, the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario (CPSO), issued a statement forbidding physicians from questioning or debating any or all of the official measures imposed in response to COVID-19. The CPSO then went on to threaten physicians with punishment – investigations and disciplinary action."  ..."Violation of our Pledge to use Evidence-Based Medicine for our patients:  By ordering us not to debate and not to question, the CPSO is also asking us to violate our pledge to our patients that we will always seek the best, evidence-based scientific methods for them and advocate vigorously on their behalf.  Denial of the Scientific Method itself:  The CPSO is ordering physicians to put aside the scientific method and to not debate the processes and conclusions of science."

"Our public health agencies are not providing responsible guidance". Dr. Pierre Kory talks about his battle to get ivermectin accepted as a treatment for covid, despite its phenomenal success in Mexico and eastern Europe.  He describes it as "disinformation" on the part of the pharmaceuticals and medical establishment, and how WHO is now a compromised organization.

“Our health authorities have reserved their energy for anyone who dares to question vaccines,” explained Carlson. “LifeSiteNews – that’s a non-profit news organization – just found itself permanently banned from Facebook. Why? Because it reported government numbers from the VAERS database – something that we just did on the air.”

Here's one BBC interview that went wonderfully wrong.

May 8, 2021 Facebook suspended anti-lockdown London mayoral candidate David Kurten on election day

May 4, 2021 (LifeSiteNews) – Facebook has banned Catholics' LifeSiteNews’ Facebook page.  Facebook said that they deplatform Facebook pages that publish “vaccine discouraging information on the platform.”  citing an article posted on April 10, 2021, headlined “COVID vaccines can be deadly for some.” “Our LifeSiteNews Facebook page has been removed simply because we have shared reports of doctors, nurses, expert researchers, and even the former Pfizer VP speaking out against the COVID shots..."

YouTube retained the National Academy of Medicine (NAM) to conduct a project titled “Principles for Defining & Verifying the Authority of Online Providers of Health Information” in which it is tasked with producing “definitions of ‘authoritative’ sources of health information and the criteria by which these sources derive and maintain their authority.”  An advisory group within NAM is planning to gather information and deliberate with the eventual publication of a paper based on its findings.  ICAN submitted a comment addressing its concerns with this project. May 03, 2021

Despite media claims, the COVID shots are not effective.  At Least 9,245 Americans Tested Positive for COVID-19 After Vaccination; 132 Dead.  May 1, 2021 The number of documented so-called breakthrough COVID-19 cases has climbed above 9,000, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; and The COVID shots are not safe.  See what scientists and doctors are saying.

Short 9 min. Video on India Situation: What does the Current Data Say? Apr 27, 2021 The US media has been misrepresenting the data and scientific realities in India to propagandize and instill fear. However, India continues to have far far lower COVID deaths per population than the U.S. and Europe. [KD. Notice the 2nd death peaks coincide with COVID shot rollouts, that occurred later in India than in the US and Europe.]

on Corporations and Public Health. April 26, 2021. Freudenberg says that corporations are in control of the six pillars of public health – food, healthcare, education, transportation, social connections, and work – and that this world created by corporate capitalism is simply not fit to solve our most serious public health problems.

Denis Rancourt Interview – Experts Banned From Research Publication For Challenging COVID Narrative April 13, 2021 Discusses Denis’ Work on Masks & COVID-19

September 03, 2020. Press in His Pocket: Bill Gates Buys Media to Control the Messaging. By Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

Why You Can (and Should) Ignore What is Happening in India by Dr. Vernon Coleman April 27, 2021

India Pandemic Correlates With Vaccine Roll Out  After minute 33.

House of German Judge Who Ruled Against Masks in Schools Raided By Investigators. April 27, 2021

Chris Exley's work on aluminum deposits in the brain of people with Alzheimers and Autism and the use of Aluminum as vaccine adjuvants.  Here's a great interview  Now, it seems that he's been kicked out of Keele University who refused to accept charitable donations on his behalf to continue his research now that the Gates foundation and others have stepped in.

Video: The Battle for Reality! Professor Mark Crispin Miller from New York University discusses the unprecedented and history propaganda blitz unleashed over the last 14 months since the Great Covid Scare began, and as the Gov’t-Media-Medical Complex get more aggressive in pushing corporate pharma industry vaccine ‘science’ and Vaccine Passport social engineering agenda.

NYPost uses old image to claim people are dying on streets from COVID-19 in India, from a video clip shot during the gas leak incident in Visakhapatnam which took place in May 2020, then replaces it with funeral pyre after being called out. ... The scribes at the New York Post are so woefully incompetent that when their lies about the misleading image were called out, it did not occur to them that they also need to change the headline of the article. 27 April, 2021

Steve Deace on ‘Faucian Bargain’: Second Opinions About COVID-19 Denied to Americans April 26, 2021. Americans are being denied access to key information about COVID-19 by unelected bureaucrats who seek to expand government power and control, warned talk show host and author Steve Deace, whose new book “Faucian Bargain” recently topped Amazon’s bestsellers list.

Twitter under fire over deletion of critical Covid tweets in India. April 26, 2021

Largest protest/demonstration in London in 20 years never covered by the press. Apr 24, 2021. Four minutes.

The harsh reality of censorship by Monopoly: An overview of the Great Reset – Follow the Money – Forbidden Knowledge TV scroll down to see the  Monopoly: An overview of the Great Reset – Follow the Money. April 15, 2021

Oregon Medical Board Suspends Dr. Paul Thomas for Practicing Informed Consent by Jeremy R. Hammond Mar 26, 2021

Coronapocalypse; Big Pharma's Doomsday Vaccine #666 Mike Whitney • February 19, 2021. Who is touting this new wonder drug and insisting that all 7 billion people on the planet get inoculated? Is it the scientists, virologists and epidemiologists who have no dog in the fight and who’s judgements are based on the science alone..?

Facebook bans Australian anti-lockdown lawmaker Craig Kelly Independent Australian politician and member for the Division of Hughes in the Australian House of Representatives, Craig Kelly, is banned from the Big Tech social media platform, Facebook, on grounds of sharing COVID-19 “misinformation.”

YouTube censors Dr. Ron Paul's Liberty Report after video questioning Bill Gates

Former Congressman Dr. Ron Paul has been censored by YouTube again, this time for posting an episode of his political talk show titled "What's in it for Bill Gates - Does He Want To Rule The World?" which YouTube deemed to be "medical misinformation." ... In the episode, Dr. Paul and his co-host Daniel McAdams, Executive Director of The Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity, discussed recent coronavirus statistics that had been released, the negative economic impacts of lockdowns, the way governors and police forces have used the coronavirus to exert power, the media's coronavirus fear mongering, and speculated on Bill Gates' motives amid the pandemic. ...Specifically, they noted that Gates has "all the money he could possibly need," stated that Gates has "a demonstrated history and track record of believing very strongly that the world is overpopulated and that we need population control," and referenced news reports of Gates-backed vaccines causing polio outbreaks in Africa.

Trudeau minister says internet censorship bill will make Canadians 'safer'. Apr 19, 2021 "My job is to ensure the safety and security of the Canadian population," said the minister.

Interview: The Scientifically Archaic Paradigm of Mass Vaccination by Jeremy R. Hammond Apr 17, 2021

Masks for Children, Muzzles for Covid-19 News. In the guise of combating ‘misinformation,’ YouTube again censors scientific debate over pandemic policy. April 13, 2021. ... My fellow panelists—Sunetra Gupta of Oxford, Martin Kulldorff of Harvard and Scott Atlas of Stanford—and I discussed a variety of topics. One was the wisdom of requiring children to wear masks. The press asked questions, and a video of the event was posted on YouTube by local media, including Tampa’s WTSP. But last week YouTube removed a recording of this routine policy discussion from its website.

The Brutal Attack on Scientific DissentMarch 9, 2021  Globally we have seen a sharp rise in verbal and social media online attacks on persons who hold contrarian views on Covid-19 societal lockdown policies that have been implemented. ...For example, academics and scientists such as Dr. Scott Atlas and authors of the Great Barrington Declaration who are routinely attacked have called for a more ‘balanced’ approach to Covid-19 responding; that is, age-risk targeted, with a focused strong protection of the vulnerable ... Some contrarians have also called for the use of potentially life-saving early treatment for higher-risk Covid-19 positive patients (elderly), before SARS-CoV-2 infected patients/residents have worsened ...

DR PETER MCCULLOUGH SAYS HIGHLY EFFECTIVE EARLY TREATMENT FOR COVID HAS BEEN CENSORED. Apr 9, 2021. DR. PETER MCCULLOUGH BLAMES HIGH COVID DEATH TOLL ON MASSIVE CENSORSHIP OF EFFECTIVE TREATMENT PROTOCOL AND SAYS THAT 85% OF PATIENTS GIVEN MULTI-DRUG TREATMENT IMMEDIATELY AFTER TESTING POSITIVE RECOVER WITH “COMPLETE AND DURABLE” IMMUNITY: An Internist, cardiologist and professor of medicine, Dr McCollough treats covid patients and was involved in two major studies indicating that treatment is the key to getting covid under control. The pandemic could have been over by now, he says, if those who tested positive for covid had been immediately treated before they fell ill enough to be hospitalized. He also says that thousands could have been, and still could be saved if the treatment protocol he and other physicians use were not suppressed.

Covid-19 Facts Not Fear – What the mainstream media are NOT reportingResearch unbiased media! Dolores Cahill, Dr. Vernon Coleman, Del Bigtree, World Doctors Alliance, Dr. Wakefield, watch Plandemic movie.

Open letter to Sen. Brad Hoylman: Please Challenge Robert F. Kennedy Jr. to Debate the Merits and Safety of COVID-19 Vaccines. Dave Ratcliffe, 14 April 2021

Big Tech vs. Science — Suppressing Debate Hurts Fight Against COVID + More. 11/12/20

Mainstream Media Silence: CDC Reports 2,794 Deaths Following Experimental COVID Injections – Europe Nearly Double That Plus Almost A Quarter Million Injuries. April 10, 2021. In what is becoming the most censored story probably in the history of the United States, the CDC has reported this week that 2,794 deaths have been reported to VAERS as of April 5, 2021, following injections of the three experimental, non-FDA approved, COVID-19 injections.

Eminent doc: Media Censored COVID-19 Early Treatment Options That Could Have Reduced Fatalities by 85%. Dr. Peter McCullough also explained that given an 80% level of herd immunity, broad vaccination has ‘no scientific, clinical or safety rationale.’ April 10, 2021

Science Says — The Corbett Report (YouTube Deleted His Account Because of this Presentation) April 9, 2021.

Professor Denis Rancourt Banned From ResearchGate For Warning of Harms of Masks. April 9, 2021. Professor Denis Rancourt has been banned from academic pre-print publishing site ResearchGate for publishing research evidence suggesting masks can cause harm to the wearer. Notice, a usual player behind such censorship:

YouTube censors video of Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis arguing that lockdowns are useless and questioning if masks are necessary for kids. April 9, 2021. Video from March 18 showed DeSantis in a round table discussion with scientists

Eminent doc: Media censored COVID-19 early treatment options that could have reduced fatalities by 85%. Dr. Peter McCullough also explained that given an 80% level of herd immunity, broad vaccination has ‘no scientific, clinical or safety rationale.’ Apr 8, 2021. AUSTIN, Texas (LifeSiteNews) — An exceedingly well-qualified physician, who was censored by YouTube last year, addressed the Texas State Senate Health and Human Service Committee last month providing thorough information on successful treatments of COVID-19, the present high-level of herd immunity from the disease, the very limited potential of “vaccines,” and the data that shows early treatment could have saved up to 85 percent of the “over 500,000 deaths in the United States.”

Dr. Peter McCullough, MD is an internist and cardiologist, along with being a professor of medicine at Texas A&M University Health Sciences Center. He is distinguished as the most published person in history in his field and an editor of two major medical journals.

Meet the Censored: The U.S. Right to Know April, 2021.  A nonprofit that investigates Genetically Modified Organisms and the origins of Covid-19 is the latest to see its traffic plunge after a search engine update

Twitter censors Harvard epidemiologist Martin Kulldorf, for "challeng[ing] the notion that children and young people require COVID-19 vaccination".  That Twitter's censorship of Dr. Kulldorf helped to clear the field of any credible dissent from the extremist program pushed by Drs. Faust, Rasmussen and Gonsalves, and by all the other media promoting it, with still other doctors whoring for it, tells us that "our free press," including most of what we (wrongly) call the "social media," is neither free, nor does it any longer function as a press. Dr. Jeremy Samuel Faust (!) is at Brigham and Women's Health Hospital, and Dr. Angela L. Rasmussen works at the Global Health Science and Security at Georgetown University Medical Center. Both those institutions have, these last few years, been granted many millions by the Gates Foundation.

Twitter censors CDC advisor and Harvard Medical School professor, Martin Kulldorff

Online censorship regarding dissemination of Covid information in the US at this point looks sure to have to get much worse, before it gets any better.  The latest "victim" in this raging online campaign is Martin Kulldorff, who participates in the coronavirus vaccine safety groups advising CDC, FIH, and FDA. Kulldorff's real life credentials: 25,000 academic citations on infectious diseases topics that are his expertise, in addition to his Harvard role, and the one as the Brigham and Women's Hospital epidemiologist and biostatistician.

But now that Kulldorff has expressed his misgivings around the idea that children and youth must also be inoculated against Covid, this Harvard professor is facing Twitter censorship.

False COVID-19 narratives from media and public health organizations.
False COVID-19 narratives from media and public health organizations.

Climate of 'fear' prevents experts from questioning the handling of the pandemic March 28, 2021.

03/25/21 University Shuts Down World-Renowned Aluminum Expert’s Research After Big Pharma Sets Up Shop on Campus. Officials at Keele University in the UK have disabled world-renowned aluminum expert Christopher Exley’s website and prevented him from receiving any philanthropic/charitable funding to support his research in the bioinorganic chemistry of aluminum and neurodegenerative disease — essentially the group’s main research theme over the past 29 years.

Video: 'Prof Mark Crispin Miller Under Attack for Critical Thinking in the Classroom'. interviewed by Naomi Wolf. March 2021.

Emboldened to censor world leaders, Facebook suspends Venezuela's President Maduro

Facebook is feeling increasingly emboldened to throw its weight around on the world stage, showing world leaders the extent of its power... Facebook temporarily suspended the official page of President Nicolas Maduro of Venezuela for repeated violations of its COVID-19 “misinformation” policies. Over the past year, the Venezuelan president has promoted COVID-19 remedies and cures that have not been found effective by the United States’ CDC and the WHO... In a video posted on Facebook in January, Maduro touted Carvativir, an oral medication extracted from thyme, as a “miracle” drug that fights the coronavirus, with the added advantage of no side effects. Doctors in Venezuela have labeled Maduro’s claims about Carvatavir effectiveness against the coronavirus as “dangerous.”... Facebook’s COVID-19 misinformation policies prohibits content claiming “that something can guarantee prevention from getting COVID-19 or can guarantee recovery from COVID-19.”... “We follow guidance from the WHO (World Health Organization) that says there is currently no medication to cure the virus,” a Facebook spokesperson said.

You Refuse to Get Vaccinated, But Are You Ready to be an Outcast? Mike Whitney • March 25, 2021

Have you noticed how the critics of the mRNA vaccines have been prevented from expressing their views in the media? Have you noticed how the doctors, scientists, virologists, epidemiologists and public health experts have all been blocked from appearing on the cable news channels or excluded from the nation’s leading newspapers? Have you noticed how these critics been attacked on social media, censored on FaceBook and removed from Twitter? Have you noticed the lengths to which the media has gone to eliminate any challenge to the “official narrative” and to denounce, ridicule or blacklist anyone who dares to offer a conflicting opinion?

Why? Why is the media preventing these experts from articulating their reservations to the American people directly?

It’s obvious, isn’t it? It’s because the people that are managing this campaign don’t want anything that veers from the “official narrative”. They don’t want people thinking for themselves, they don’t want people searching alternate websites that challenge the new prevailing doctrine on vaccines, they don’t want people who read the details about the trials or the medical journals or the research papers. They don’t want you to question their motives, or weigh the risks and benefits of getting vaccinated. They don’t want you to notice that their vaccine never completed long-term trials or met the normal standards for product safety. They don’t want you to consider the fact that mRNA is a relatively new technology with a checkered past that includes some very disturbing animal trials in which all the animals died.

Attorneys general of New York Connecticut, Delaware, Iowa, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, North Carolina, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, and Virginia pressure Facebook and Twitter to Censor all medical doctors' and scientists'  warnings about COVID vaccine risks. Attorney General James Calls on Facebook and Twitter to Stop Spread of Anti-Vaxxer Coronavirus Disinformation. March 2021.

Before COVID, Gates Planned Social Media Censorship of Vaccine Safety Advocates With Pharma, CDC, Media, China and CIA. March 12th 2021. By: Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. The attached document shows that a cabal of powerful individuals did indeed begin planning the mass eviction of vaccine skeptics from social media in October 2019, a week or two before COVID began circulating. That month, Microsoft founder Bill Gates organized an exercise of four "table-top" simulations of a worldwide coronavirus pandemic with other high-ranking "Deep State" panjandrums. The exercise was referred to as Event 201.

Facebook: A Worthy Judge of Medical Info? — The social media giant's fact-checkers are plucked from a constellation of Twitter stars. by Vinay Prasad, MD, MPH March 8, 2021

March 15, 2021. Facebook steps up labeling of all conversations about vaccines, will send users to the WHO. All posts will now be labeled.

White House Expert Scott Atlas Censored By Twitter Twitter has capped off a week of censorship by silencing a top White House scientist. October 2020 By David Marcus October 2020

Why You Can’t Trust the FDA, the WHO, the CDC, the AAP, Merck, GlaxoSmithKline, Sanofi or Pfizer (When it Comes to America’s Over-vaccination Mandates for Gardasil or any Other Aluminum-adjuvanted Vaccine) December 2019.

CENSORED (by Facebook): National Vaccine Information Center. by Sharyl Attkisson. March 14, 2021

Video: Dr. Vernon Coleman. Covid-19 Vaccines Are Weapons of Mass Destruction - and Could Wipe out the Human Race March 2021. He studied medicine at Birmingham Medical School and qualified as a doctor in 1970. He has worked both in hospitals and as a GP. He describes being discredited in March 2019 when he originally voiced his opinions on Covid-19 originally. Describes Ferguson's flawed predictions to justify non-medical policies... Immune systems... Massives experimental vaccination program.... that does not prevent infections but are very dangerous & increase viral spread. He describes Dr. Geert Bossche's warnings in layman's language and media censorship. - Also see to read his articles. (Click on Health)

Humour: Awaken with JP: Why You Should Stay Off Parler

Direct-to-Consumer Pharmaceutical Advertising. Since 1997. Therapeutic or Toxic? By C. Lee Ventola, MS. "One survey of consumers found that 50% of respondents thought that the ads were approved by the government, 43% thought that a medication had to be completely safe for it to be advertised; and 22% thought that a drug known to have serious side effects could not be advertised..."

Twitter bans users from posting links to Bitchute. March 12, 2021 By Didi Rankovic One of the blocked links was to a video on BitChute that went into how a BBQ business owner struggles to keep open in the face of Canada’s strict Covid restrictions.

Media Censors COVID Post-Vaccine Adverse Events:  Breaking: Aussie Navy in COVID Jab Cover Up After Mass Adverse Reactions? March 11, 2021

YouTube censors Canadian doctors calling for an end to lockdown. March 2021

Fact-Checking Facebook’s Fact Checkers. The media giant is employing left-wing vetters to limit scientific debate. March 2021.

Former MSP BRIAN MONTEITH whose website had its ads banned by Facebook without warning or explanation says: Our freedoms will not be ended by a jackboot, the algorithms are watching and will just switch us off  By Brian Monteith For The Mail On Sunday  March 2021

Journalism’s Gates keepers. August 2020. ... nearly twenty thousand charitable grants the Gates Foundation had made through the end of June and found more than $250 million going toward journalism. Recipients included news operations like the BBC, NBC, Al Jazeera, ProPublica, National Journal, The Guardian, Univision, Medium, the Financial Times, The Atlantic, the Texas Tribune, Gannett, Washington Monthly, Le Monde, and the Center for Investigative Reporting; charitable organizations affiliated with news outlets, like BBC Media Action and the New York Times’ Neediest Cases Fund; media companies such as Participant, whose documentary Waiting for “Superman” supports Gates’s agenda on charter schools; journalistic organizations such as the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting, the National Press Foundation, and the International Center for Journalists; and a variety of other groups creating news content or working on journalism, such as the Leo Burnett Company, an ad agency that Gates commissioned to create a “news site” to promote the success of aid groups.

Before COVID, Gates Planned Social Media Censorship of Vaccine Safety Advocates With Pharma, CDC, Media, China and CIA 03/11/21. In October 2019, shortly before the COVID outbreak, Gates and other powerful individuals began planning how to censor vaccine safety advocates from social media during a table-top simulation of a worldwide pandemic, known as Event 201.

What is going on? Facebook "fact-checkers" Posting misinformation even the US FDA, the World Health Organization, and Bill Gates disagree with.  March 2021. When I try to post the truth about the COVID vaccines *not* being approved or licensed by the FDA and that the FDA requires that “all promotional material relating to the COVID-19 Vaccine clearly and conspicuously … state that this product has not been approved or licensed by the FDA.”  and that the COVID-19 "vaccines" are thus, legally prohibited by international Nuremberg and federal Code 21 CFR § 50.20 and the UN declaration on Bioethics from being required as a condition to participate in any work, travel, shopping, school, or any other activity.

Facebook "fact-checkers" post the following false claims that the vaccines are "approved" and "tested extensively for safety and effectiveness" over my posts even though I provide the links to the FDA documents proving their claims to be false:

Facebook Posts False claims that COVID vaccines are approved and extensively tested for safety and effectiveness
Facebook posts over truthful information about COVID vaccines being experimental, not approved or licensed by the FDA and, thus, it is against the law to require a COVID vaccination as condition to participate in school, work, sports, travel, or any activities.

Even the World Health Organization page linked to by Facebook does *not* say that the vaccines have been "approved" or "tested extensively for safety and effectiveness"!  See

Citizens For Free Speech Applauds FL Governor for Moving Against Big Tech Censorship by Bob Frantz  February 2021

Successful Covid Doctor Silenced by Federal Trade Commission October 19, 2020

Press in His Pocket: Bill Gates Buys Media to Control the Messaging By Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. September 03, 2020

Scientists at Sloan Kettering discover mRNA inactivates tumor-suppressing proteins, meaning it can promote cancer. March 2021. Previously unknown cancer driving messengers are [May be] hiding in RNA, not DNA. This mind-blowing discovery should be published on every medical news site, newspaper, television news broadcast and on the CDC website, but unless you are reading this article and use DuckDuckGo as your search engine, you probably wouldn’t ever see it. That’s because Google is in on the fix, with Big Pharma and the VIC – the vaccine industrial complex. So here’s a more in-depth explanation of what we’re looking at, for real, regarding mRNA and vaccines.

Facebook working with police after Dublin protests” – Times report on how the social media company is cooperating with the police to crush lockdown dissent

Aljazeera reported: Twitter to Permanently Ban Users Who Spread COVID Misinformation. March 2021.

White House Enlists Social Media Giants to Suppress Vaccine ‘Misinformation’. February 2021. “Social media tycoons are now openly serving as government surrogates in censoring factually accurate information that departs from government policies and pronouncements,” said Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., co-founder and chair of Children’s Health Defense.

Americans Need Unfiltered News on COVID-19 By The American Association of Physicians and Surgeons. January 2021.

'A pandemic of abuses': human rights under attack during Covid, says UN head February 2021

On Google's pharmaceutical companies:

Google bans LifeSite from AdSense, Discover, and News features YouTube, which is part of Google, had already deleted LifeSite's YouTube account several weeks ago. Feb 23, 2021

Google demonetizes conservative outlet LifeSiteNew  February 2021 By Didi Rankovic LifeSiteNews, that has been banned from Google Ads, Google Ad servers, Google News and Google Discover, is therefore left to assume that the likely cause was its exploration of what its author Gualberto Garcia Jones termed the morality, legality and science behind the coronavirus vaccines.

Belgian medical profession demands halt to Covid pandemic propaganda

It has been apparent from the beginning that Covid-19 was being used for agendas unrelated to public health. Big Pharma and its associates – WHO, CDC, NIH – used social media and the presstitutes to control the explanations given to the public and to censor dissenting medical professionals. September 19, 2020

More people died from being denied successful and completely safe treatment by hydroxychloroquine, zinc and azithromycin and from ventilators than from the virus itself. Public health and the economy were sacrificed in order to create chaos and fear that would make possible mass vaccination and billions of dollars in profit for Big Pharma.

The Reality - Pandemic Data & Analysis
The Reality - Pandemic Data & Analysis

Frontline Doctor: FBI ‘broke down my door’ in swat team raid of 20 men

Dr. Simone Gold related the nature of her arrest, how the distribution of experimental vaccines violates the Nuremburg Code, and why COVID-19 censorship is a ‘crime against humanity.’ Feb 23, 2021 - 9:43 am EST

Politician Craig Kelly Speaks out on EARLY COVID TREATMENT Censorship  February 2021

Yet, Facebook extends ban on anti-vax misinformation. Claims COVID-19 is man-made or ‘vaccines are toxic, dangerous or cause autism’ banned; and YouTube continues to remove medical and scientific videos about effective treatments or contradicting any other World Health Organization (WHO) or Dr. Fauci COVID-19 narratives. Facebook removed or put warning notices on videos discussing medical treatments, the flaws of PCR tests, the ineffectiveness and health dangers of wearing face masks, adverse vaccine events, and the environmental and health dangers of 5-G microwave length radiation. A few days after Facebook was sued for censoring free speech in collaboration with the US government regarding vaccines, its censorship relaxed slightly.  The Google search engine buries certain medical and science viewpoints deep in its search engine results. Thus, big-tech censorship has been consistently denying free speech rights to practicing and research medical doctors and scientists, including emergency and critical care, and family doctors treating COVID-19 patients. High-tech censorship has mirrored mainstream press censorship of virtually all alternative viewpoints to their pharmaceutical advertisers’ financial interests. Many medical professionals have been forced to move educational videos to and to create their own new blogs or websites to sidestep the ongoing COVID-19 social media censorship.

White House Enlists Social Media Giants to Suppress Vaccine ‘Misinformation’ February 2021. As concerns about vaccine safety grow, the Biden administration is enlisting Big Tech’s help in removing social media posts that deviate from “officially distributed” COVID-19 information. By Megan Redshaw, J.D.

Doctor Has License Yanked After Saying This About the Coronavirus  Bronson Stocking Dec 2020

How Bill Gates Controls Global Messaging and Censorship May 2020. Bill Gates is the world’s largest vaccine producer and the single largest donor to the World Health Organization (WHO) and the CDC Foundation. Those agencies are now marketing arms for his vaccine empire and he uses them in a wide variety of ways to control global messaging.

Tech Titans and Censorship—The Same People Profiting From The Quarantine Are Censoring Criticisms of It September 2020 By Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

We are reaching an unthinkable ‘level of totalitarianism’: MD on pandemic January 2021. A medical doctor is speaking out against the ‘collusion’ between authorities and tech corporations targeting doctors and scientists who dissent from current COVID policies.  Dr. Leland Stillman this time speaks out against the “dark collusion of government actors … and corporations,” which is stifling dissent among medical doctors and scientists, as it pertains to pandemic policies. 

Governments Crack Down on Journalists in Attempt to Control Pandemic Narrative. Worldwide, at least 14 journalists have been arrested for “unfair and imprecise coverage” of the pandemic.

Tech censorship: how paranoid should we be?

The Railroading Of Mark Crispin Miller

Facebook Suspends Ron Paul Following Column Criticizing Big Tech Censorship By suspending Ron Paul, it becomes clear that 'safety' may not be Big Tech's primary goal. January 2021. The article Ron Paul was censored for writing:  Oppression... The 'Great Reset' is about Expanding Government Power and Suppressing Liberty. January 2021

Woke Britain sees record number of free speech complaints

Facebook Censorship in 2018 at the Behest of Governments By Propublica. February 2021.

An oldie but goodie on Tech Censorship. 2018. Independent media gets Zucked by the Libertarian Party.